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Workforce Readiness Skills  
Master Trainer Workshop
Module 1 - Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills
 Module 2 - Creativity and Innovation ​Skills
Module 3 - Flexibility and Adaptability Skills
Workforce Readiness Skills 
Master Trainer Workshops
This non-audio CD - PDF workshop series features workforce readiness curriculum to prepare adults and youth to enter or to re-enter into the workforce. 
Training Length - 7 Hours

Includes nine (9) workforce readiness skills non-audio PDF  train-the-trainer CD workshops and a MASTER TRAINER  certificate. 

$ 129  
High quality skills training and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.
Module 8 - Leadership and Responsibility Skills

Module 6 - Initiative and Self-Direction Skills 
Module 7 - Productivity and Accountability Skills 
Module 5 - Social and Cross-Cultural Skills 
Module 4 - Communication and Collaboration Skills
Module 9 - Financial Literacy Skills
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