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*  The Certified Second Chance / Reentry Retreat (CSRMT)    More Information

* “I Did iT!” Second Chance / Reentry (CMT)                             More Information

* A Reentry Guide to Accepting Responsibility (CMT)             More Information

* Basic Skills An Ex-offender Must Have (CMT)                        More Information

* Move on After Making Bad Life Choices (CMT)                      More Information

* Find Job Opportunities for Reentry Candidates (CMT)         More Information

* Three Ways to Embrace Your past Mistakes(CMT)                More Information

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With States cutting budgets and transferring ex-offenders from prison and jails back to the community to save money, this will cause a void in inmate skill set development that is required to reenter the community. The demand for help will be astronomical!  AM, Philadelphia, PA

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