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Start-a-Business Workshops
"Community Centric" Training

* Entrepreneurship Master Trainer Retreat (CEMT)         FREE Workshop

* Seeding an Entrepreneurship Mindset (CMT)                FREE Workshop

* Stepping Out on Faith" Workshop (CMT)                       FREE Workshop

* How to Become Your Own Boss Workshop (CMT)        FREE Workshop

* 14 Steps to Bring a Product to Market (CMT)                 FREE Workshop

* 50 Best Part-Time Home - Based Businesses (CMT)     FREE Workshop

* How-to-Raise Money for Your Business (CMT)              FREE Workshop

* Make Money by Selling Your Own Products (CMT)      ​  FREE Workshop

* Start Your Own Private Label Manufacturing (CMT)      ​​FREE Workshop

* How - to- Start a Manufacturing Business (CMT)           ​FREE Workshop

* How to Start a Profitable Part-Time Business (CMT)     FREE Workshop

How to Start Your Own Electronic eBook Publishing Business

Imagine owning your own publishing firm that specializes in helping people.  DOWNLOAD