Life-skills Master Trainer Certification (CLSMT) 

This eight hour intensive ONLINE, CD or LIVE retreat will teach you 
how-to-teach life preparation skills that will help youth and young adults  to obtain basic life preparation skills, and to find their career and life purpose. Register Now 

The retreat includes: 

Workshop # 1: “Basic Life – Skills Training Concepts” 
Workshop - 3 Hours

Workshop # 2: “Self-Esteem & Empowerment Training Concepts” Workshop – 3 Hours

BONUS Workshop: “Finding My Life Purpose Training Concepts” Workshop – 3 Hours 

Defining an At-Risk Male (CMT)                                            Register Now 

Solutions to Turn Boys into Men (CMT)                               Register Now    

Why At-Risk Males Fail (CMT)                                               Register Now

Origins of Negative Male Behavior (CMT)                            Register Now           

At-Risk Males in School (CMT)                                              Register Now
Empowering At-Risk Males (CMT)                                        Register Now  

Success with At- Risk Males Workshop (CMT)                    Register Now

Teach Self-sufficiency to At-Risk Males (CMT)                    Register Now

 Life –Skill and Self-Sufficiency Training Method (CMT)     Register Now  

Teach Males to Find Money to Start a Business (CMT)       Register Now  

Teach Males to Start a Legal Business (CMT)                      Register Now

Skills to Prevent Self-Destructive Life Patterns (CMT)        Register Now

Teach Entrepreneurship Skills to Males (CMT)                    Register Now
How to Identify and to Avoid Stereotyping Males (CMT)    Register Now  

Basic Life-Skills Orientation & Training (CMT)                    Register Now

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“I absolutely admired your post, "Why (Some) At-risk Males Fail “: Solutions" - Thank you for saying this - I wish so many others would open their eyes to such things. There is so much that could be resolved if we would all talk to each other.   LS, HR Director (retired), Charlotte, North Carolina

“ …………….. So many kids see no way out of the situations they were born into. You are helping others show these kids that there is life after gangs and poverty. I applaud you” A.P., St. Louis, Missouri
The Police and You: Common Sense! 

Here is what we have to do; we have to use “common sense” teaching methods to explain things to boys ( 12 minutes).

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