Male Self-Sufficiency Training
"Community Centric" Training

* Defining an At-Risk Male (CMT)                                            FREE Workshop

* Solutions to Turn Boys into Men (CMT)                               FREE Workshop

* Why At-Risk Males Fail (CMT)                                               FREE Workshop

* Origins of Negative Male Behavior (CMT)                            FREE Workshop

At-Risk Males in School (CMT)                                              FREE Workshop

* Empowering At-Risk Males (CMT)                                        FREE Workshop

* Success with At- Risk Males Workshop (CMT)                    FREE Workshop

* Teach Self-sufficiency to At-Risk Males (CMT)                     FREE Workshop

* Life –Skill and Self-Sufficiency Training Method (CMT)      FREE Workshop

* Teach Males to Find Money to Start a Business (CMT)       FREE Workshop 

* Teach Males to Start a Legal Business (CMT)                      FREE Workshop

* Skills to Prevent Self-Destructive Life Patterns (CMT)        FREE Workshop 

* Teach Entrepreneurship Skills to Males (CMT)                    FREE Workshop

* How to Identify and to Avoid Stereotyping Males (CMT)     FREE Workshop

* Basic Life-Skills Orientation & Training (CMT)                     FREE Workshop

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Twelve ( 12 ) Solutions to 
Turn Boys into Men Workshop

“ Our child and youth problem” is not a child and youth problem; it is a profound adult problem”:Children’s Defense Fund 

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