Workforce Readiness: WorkshopsGo! Series
Master Trainer Certification Online Retreat 

These Workforce Readiness Master Trainer Certification Workshops (CMT) provides continuing education trainers with workforce topics and the skills necessary to prepare adults and youth to enter or to re-enter into the workforce. 

This workshop will teach you how-to develop your own training curriculum and workshops to teach the nine (9) workforce readiness training.

Includes 9 workshops, 9 train-the-trainer power points and a CWRT certificate. Click on the links for more information - Training Length - 7 Hours

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Complementary ​Workshop of the Month

Module 5
 Social and Cross-Cultural Skills Complementary Workshop
 30 Minutes 

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WorkshopsGo! Series

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills       Register Now

Creativity and Innovation Skills                             Register Now

Flexibility and Adaptability Skills                          Register Now

Communication and Collaboration Skills             Register Now 

Social and Cross-Cultural Skills                            Register Now
Initiative and Self-Direction Skills                         Register Now

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Leadership and Responsibility Skills                   Register Now
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“These Workforce Readiness Master Trainer Certification Program (CMT) provides the job seeker with continuing education skills necessary to succeed in the workplace.”  D. Harold Greene, CCMT